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Akoma de Gado Dance & Drum Performance Ensemble

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

The Akoma de Gado Performance Ensemble is dedicated to the promotion of African diaspora principles, culture, and appreciation of pageantry performance arts. We desire to build, motivate, and inspire generations through performance theatre, workshops, conferences, seminars, and classes. We promote educational and quality entertainment with our programs to our youth, audiences, donors, and diversified community at large. Founded in 2019 and under the direction of Babadunjo Olagunke’, Akoma de Gado is devoted to preserving African-Black folkloric art forms within the diaspora, telling our stories from the African- American perspective, and with a connection to the 21st Century. Peace and Love…Ase’ ohhhhhhhhh 

Akoma de Gado Dance & Drum Performance Ensemble, Inc..jpg
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