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Derrick “Fly Ty” and Jacinda Jacobs

National Radio Television and Event Hosts

Flyty and Jacinda met as co-hosts for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. Their working relationship quickly led them to become best friends. Within a year, they began to secretly date, only to notify their boss of an upcoming marriage one week before they walked down the aisle. The wedding announcement shocked all of Charlotte.

The dynamic duo quickly became a power couple in t Queen City. They are the people’s host for every event in Charlotte, from hosting events for the mayor to events for the City of Charlotte, gala’s, fundraisers, major national announcements for large corporations, concerts and comedy shows, to weddings, and everything in-between. They ran a longtime segment on TV called “Woman vs Man” on WCCB.

They run a Global nonprofit called Stolen Lunches, which means to steal away and be fed by God. In this ministry they hold virtual and in-person Bible Studies for men, women and couples to have powerful conversations about their faith. They have spiritual retreats, weekly prayer calls and hold monthly outreach events to help feed the homeless. They also have the #1 running gospel radio show in Charlotte called the “Flyty and Jacinda show” on V1019-FM.

They have 3 boys with one girl on the way. They have 5 dogs and love being in their backyard having great conversations with friends.

Derrick “Fly Ty” and Jacinda Jacobs
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