Dr. Meg Gibson

Manager of Diversity and Organizational Development

Dr. Meg Gibson is a results-driven Diversity, Inclusion and Organizational Development professional with more than twenty years of extensive experience in diversity and organizational training and development within a multi-site leadership role. Her abilities include being adept at facilitating peak performance training and other diverse organizational development strategies to measurably enhance individual and organizational success. She possesses extensive intercultural sensitivities, innovative techniques, and dexterities which are implemented into customized training solutions to improve productivity and increase the overall ROI (Return on Investment). Dr. Meg (as she is affectionally called) creates customized programming to achieve a higher level of awareness around leadership development, diversity & inclusion, human behavior, learning and professional development.

As a dynamic, self-motivated leader that leads teams to collaboratively achieve critical deadlines, she provides an authentic presence while maintaining high quality standards and her ability to connect immediately with participants. In creating an environment of inclusion, she works closely with diverse stakeholders to develop intermediate and long-range training programs. Dr. Meg’s creative nature is a well-designed practice which produces branded training program materials while integrating adult learning theory and instructional design principles. These practices translate to increase outcomes-based results for an organization.

Dr. Meg brings practical, real-life experiences to her client engagements and connects easily with all levels of management due to her extensive background. She has trained and consulted in the public and private sectors, including government, education, and nonprofit groups.

Dr. Meg has held several leadership and management positions. As a leader of staff development and programming, Dr. Meg implements new training solutions, organized interdepartmental initiatives, and spearheads the implementation for new departments. Her natural ability to create a safe environment for employees to engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within an organization; she provides the necessary tools to leaders and individual contributors for long-lasting, positive development in leadership, team development, organization change, and customer service all.

Dr. Meg received her doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Conflict Analysis, Mediation, and Negotiation from Nova Southeastern University, a master’s degree in Criminology from Florida International University and a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from the Florida State University. She possesses certifications in Diversity and Inclusion, Crucial Conversations©, Prosci Change Management©, Emotional Intelligence to name a few. She is certified to offer personality and workplace assessments such as DISC©, Workplace Big 5©, along with several platforms of 360 assessments. Dr. Meg is committed to her sense of personal and professional development knowing the more she takes care of herself, the more she has to give to others.

Dr. Meg is the Manager of Diversity and Organizational Development with CLT Airport in Charlotte, NC and the owner of True Choices Consulting™, LLC. Fun fact (many find hard to believe), Dr. Meg is truly an introvert who has learned to be a functioning extrovert to meet the needs of individuals and organizations.

Dr. Meg Gibson